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Frequently Asked Questions

01. How does Community Infusions work with hospitals?
“The referral comes in and [CIS] pretty much takes care of everything. We get the daily list on who’s coming in for the infusions. They show up at our Med Surg unit and they get their infusion. So, it’s very streamlined…It wasn’t a tremendous amount of work for our staff. They come in, the list tells them exactly what infusion they’re coming in for, pharmacy gets that list a few days prior so they’re able to make sure those drugs are in. It’s kept people from having to drive from a long way to get these services. The more things you can do here locally, the happier customers are. We’ve been very satisfied with that.” ~ Jay Quebedeaux, CEO, Mena Regional Health System
02. What was the deciding factor before choosing Community Infusion?
“We did the due diligence, we called people that were already using you. We got good references from other places… so we felt good about it. That’s the process we went through and once we signed up everything went smooth in the startup period. We got a person hired and everything started—I think it actually started quicker than what we expected.” ~ Harv Sanders, CFO, Rhea Medical Center
03. Were you skeptical about Community Infusion?
“The first pro forma I looked at looked just a little bit too good to be true for me, and I had a hard time believing that. And we rocked along, and I said, ‘What if it’s half as good as it looks? It will be better than what we’re doing right now.’ We’ve been able to put together a program that brings solid revenues back to our hospital that takes care of patients right here at home. We’re very happy.” ~ Alvin Hoover, CEO, King’s Daughters Medical Center
04. How easy is the process of adding Community Infusion to our hospital?
“I’m really surprised at how easy it was to integrate into our daily workflow. Really after a month, 6 weeks or so, it just kind of became habit. Everyone was on the same page.” ~ Ryan Smith, Pharmacy, Rhea Medical Center
05. Has CIS helped your hospital grow?
“We have a pretty far reach with what [CIS] has done with us in the marketing area. They have made a number of providers aware of the services in this hospital even beyond infusion that they weren’t aware of before and they’ve come to know by sending their patients here for an infusion.” ~ Cheri Walker, CNO, King’s Daughters Medical Center
06. Is it easy to work with the Community Infusion Case Manager?
“Christy’s our case manager. She’s very friendly, and I think she’s done a good job working with us, helping facilitate the process, and being patient with us as we manage our workflow. Whenever patients are added to the schedule, she’ll always call me first…that’s really helped us be able to reduce our formulator, our drug stock, that we have on hand.” ~ Ryan Smith, Pharmacy, Rhea Medical Center
07. How is the relationship with Community Infusion?
“I can’t see another organization that we work with that feels more committed to us than Community Infusion Solutions. It’s almost an extension of our staff here. When I need something, I can pick up the phone and I get an immediate response. The commitment is just outstanding.” ~ Alvin Hoover, CEO, King’s Daughters Medical Center
08. Would you recommend Community Infusion?
“I would definitely recommend Community Infusion. Getting into an infusion program in a rural setting—especially one that we don’t have a lot of familiarity with—I think you want to bring in a trusted partner that’s going to roll up their sleeves to help design the program and design the center—if you’ve got a renovated space—advise you in the best practices and again be the advocate for your patients and for your organization. I would highly recommend Community Infusion. That’s the best experience that we’ve had. We view this as a partnership moving forward and wouldn’t have it any other way.” ~ Lee McCall, CEO, Neshoba County General Hospital