National Rural Oncology Collaborative

Rural access to comprehensive cancer care locally.

The National Rural Oncology Collaborative (NROC) gives hope by providing comprehensive cancer care to patients in rural communities.

Meeting the need in Rural Communities

Patient Challenges

Lack of access to comprehensive cancer care

Lack of cancer support services

Lack of integrated care navigation

Lack of financial resources

Lack of knowledge of preventative measures

Hospital Challenges

Lack of complex oncology program coordination resources

Lack of local patient resources

Lack of compliant pharmacy space

Lack of prevention program resources

These barriers to access result in a lack of comprehensive cancer care.

The National Rural Oncology Collaborative (NROC) has the solution!

A 2-Stage Program to Break the Access Barrier

Year 1
Provide a Local Cancer Support Program
Year 2
Provide a Local Medical / Oncology Program

Many patients in rural communities are diagnosed in a late stage of cancer with timely, convenient, and quality treatment needed. That is why the National Rural Oncology Collaborative (NROC):

1. Establishes Local Access

The patient’s cancer care is centered around a holistic view: mind, body, and community.

2. Engages the Community

At a local level, this opens dialogue about cancer challenges and guides customized community-based solutions.

3. Establishes Advisory Board

Locally driven around every aspect of cancer care from awareness and education to treatment and recovery.

Care navigation throughout the entire treatment plan supports every patient every step of the way.

The National Rural Oncology Collaborative (NROC) works with partner hospitals to:

Develop the program from building relationships and education to full implementation with outcome management.
Provide program market research, local marketing plans, and community engagement.
Partner with rural hospitals to build out industry leading psychological and social programming for patients.
Partner with rural hospitals to design and build practical compliant medical oncology pharmacy space.
Provide case management, insurance authorization/verification support, care coordination and clinic management support.
Partner with rural hospitals to define a network of oncology services and manage referral relationships.
Coordinate an effective conduit with a chosen regional cancer service provider individualized to the community.

We partner with rural hospital leaders, hospital chaplains, hospital care providers, local Chamber of Commerce members, local school district leadership, local businesses, and most importantly, local cancer survivors to design innovative and individualized oncology programs for the community.

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The National Rural Oncology Collaborative (NROC) Team

Cancer Support Community

The Cancer Support Community (CSC) is proud to be a collaborating partner of the National Rural Oncology Collaborative at Community Infusion Solutions to provide vital resources to individuals living with cancer residing in rural communities. CSC is a global nonprofit network with 175 locations, including CSC and Gilda’s Club centers as well as healthcare partnerships. These locations, along with a toll-free helpline, digital services, and award-winning education materials provide $50 million in free emotional support and navigation services each year to patients, survivors, caregivers, and families.

We're here to help make comprehensive cancer care in rural communities a reality

Jennifer Lane Lehr

Jennifer Lane Lehr

Vice President of Oncology Services
Mitchell Berenson

Mitchell Berenson

President and CEO
Jacob Dozier

Jacob Dozier

Chief Operating Officer

The NROC Advisory Board

Marcia Brand, Ph.D. Senior Advisor, DentaQuest Partnership for Oral Health Advancement. Former Deputy Administrator​, Federal Office of Rural Health Policy​​, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA).
Shannon Calhoun, M.S. Director of Growth, Aledade, Inc., Accountable Care Organization
Deane Wolcott, Ph.D.​​ Emeritus Psychiatrist​, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

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