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IV Infusion Outmigration

What is a Level 1 Analysis?

What is a Level 1 Analysis?

Every hospital provides outpatient IV therapy. However, outpatient IV infusion is the top out-migrating service line for many hospitals. For example, rural hospitals in many states suffer an average, annual outmigration of $400,000. What can you do about it?

Completing a Level 1 analysis is the first step in understanding the financial impact of this outmigration, and how to go about recapturing it. A Level 1 outpatient IV infusion center analysis is a free service from Community Infusion Solutions (CIS).

Level 1 analysis looks at the current outmigration or “leakage” of infusion services going to other places instead of your hospital. Using Medicare data, the CIS team completes an assessment of your hospital’s out-migrated infusion revenue and your current market share. The example below shows what you will learn from a Level 1 analysis:

Sample Level 1 Outpatient IV Infusion Analysis.

Getting a Level 1 outpatient IV infusion analysis for your hospital is as simple as asking CIS to complete one. There is no cost or obligation to you, and we can share the results and discuss the implications during a 20-minute virtual meeting.

Most hospitals, upon receiving the results of their Level 1 analysis wish to gain a deeper understanding of the outpatient IV infusion opportunity. A frequent next step is, under NDA, to have the CIS team complete a more detailed Level 2 analysis using your case-level data. The resulting proforma provides a 5-year ROI and is ideal for gaining board or executive approval to implement an Outpatient IV Infusion Center of Excellence.

In this era of inpatient revenue transitioning to the outpatient service area, putting an infusion center in place is strategically important. At Community Infusion Solutions, we’ve helped 126 facilities stop the outmigration of infusion services and recapture an average of $550,000 annually. Complete the form below to request your free Level 1 analysis!

Case Studies

I’m pleased because I don’t have to make a 4 ½-hour drive to get my infusion. It’s great that we can now have the therapy that I needed right here.


I’m very fortunate and so grateful for everything the center does for me. The wait is short and I’m in and out in no time. Without this local service, I couldn’t keep my job. I wouldn’t be able to take care of my family or enjoy my life.

CIS Rural Patient

They monitored me, they took care of me. The infection that was causing the pain began to go away. I can tell you now I’m able to stand on both legs. After the infusion therapy, I was able to resume the activity that I truly enjoy, playing the guitar and exploring the wonders of music.


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