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The What, Why, and How of Recapturing Outmigrated IV Revenue

Every hospital in the world provides outpatient IV therapy. What many hospitals don’t fully understand is outpatient IV infusion is the number one outmigrating service line! This is true for both rural and urban hospitals. What’s less well known is how the right service model can easily bring this revenue back.

Community Infusion Solutions (CIS) develops and scales outpatient IV infusion and oncology Regional Centers of Excellence across America. We offer a program to let hospitals recapture this outmigrated revenue that eliminates problem areas such as product line marketing, prior authorizations, A/R management, and case managing the patient. Our program offers a single point of contact for patients and referring providers into your outpatient infusion program.

Average CIS Customer Experience Metrics

We’ve implemented our service model for over 120 facilities in 22 states across the country, and the data we’ve collected reveals that the average CIS customer experience is excellent:

$ 310 K
Average Cash Flow Increase Year 1
90 %
Patient Compliance Rate
3 X
New Growth Over Existing IV Program
88 %
Achieved Budget Target
> 92 %
Patient / Provider Satisfaction
10 X
Out-of-Network Provider Referrals Growth
Commercial Payor Volume
Section 340 B Revenue

Case Study

A rural hospital in southwest Oklahoma recently implemented the CIS service model. The hospital is achieving the targets defined in the detailed proforma. Cash flow occurred in month two. The outpatient infusion program is growing month over month. Infusion nursing staff can now focus on nursing and care and not non-clinical activities. Almost half (45%) of the referrals are coming from outside the hospital’s market. The program is a success by every measure.

Is developing an outpatient IV infusion program right for you? There’s a simple, objective way to find out:

  1. Sign up for a free Level 1 infusion outmigration analysis. Using Medicare data, the CIS team will show you how much infusion revenue has outmigrated, your market share, and where patients are going. For example, rural hospitals experience an average outmigration of over $400K in many states.
  2. Complete a Level 2 analysis. Under NDA, the CIS team will complete a deeper, more detailed analysis using your case-level data. The result is a proforma document that shows a 5-year ROI and is ideal for sharing with a board or executives to make an informed, data-driven decision.
  3. Implement the CIS service model. Start to experience cash flow is as little as 8 weeks!

To learn more about recovering your outmigrated infusion revenue, or to schedule a free Level 1 analysis, contact us:

Case Studies

I’m pleased because I don’t have to make a 4 ½-hour drive to get my infusion. It’s great that we can now have the therapy that I needed right here.


I’m very fortunate and so grateful for everything the center does for me. The wait is short and I’m in and out in no time. Without this local service, I couldn’t keep my job. I wouldn’t be able to take care of my family or enjoy my life.

CIS Rural Patient

They monitored me, they took care of me. The infection that was causing the pain began to go away. I can tell you now I’m able to stand on both legs. After the infusion therapy, I was able to resume the activity that I truly enjoy, playing the guitar and exploring the wonders of music.


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