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Chambers Memorial Hospital Partners with Community Infusion Solutions to Provide Dedicated IV Infusion Center for Patients, Drive Revenue

Chambers Memorial Hospital Partners with Community Infusion Solutions to Provide Dedicated IV Infusion Center for Patients, Drive Revenue

Center to eliminate patient pressure to commute to major cities for infusion services

DANVILLE, Ark. (August 25, 2020) – As rural hospitals continue to seek out opportunities to provide more robust patient services and drive new forms of revenue into local economies, Chambers Memorial Hospital has entered into an innovative partnership with Community Infusion Solutions (CIS), a public health organization specializing in patient-centered remote infusion services, to create a dedicated IV infusion center within the hospital.

The center, which will be managed by CIS’ staff of care coordinators in conjunction with Chambers Memorial nursing staff, aims to see approximately 60 IV infusion patients locally who are currently forced to drive to Ft Smith, Russellville, Conway or even Little Rock for weekly infusions of medicines for diabetes, cancer, kidney disease, and many other chronic illnesses.

Additionally, the center will address “outmigration” or a term commonly used among rural hospitals to describe patients who cannot be served locally and must migrate outward to a major city for medical treatment, meaning the revenue also leaves the local community.

“As we continually look at potential new services to serve our community and market, we believe adding infusion services will provide a needed service for our patients and will prevent them from having to travel to other facilities for these services,” says Mike McCoy, CEO, Chambers Memorial Hospital. “We are partnering with Community Infusion Solutions, who has expertise in providing infusion services, as our commitment is to provide compassionate and quality infusion therapy services.”

Outpatient infusion therapy is covered by most insurance plans including Medicare and Medicaid. To find out how to begin receiving IV therapy and specialty injections at CMH Infusion Center, talk to your medical provider about a referral or call 479-495-6396.

Case Studies

I’m pleased because I don’t have to make a 4 ½-hour drive to get my infusion. It’s great that we can now have the therapy that I needed right here.


I’m very fortunate and so grateful for everything the center does for me. The wait is short and I’m in and out in no time. Without this local service, I couldn’t keep my job. I wouldn’t be able to take care of my family or enjoy my life.

CIS Rural Patient

They monitored me, they took care of me. The infection that was causing the pain began to go away. I can tell you now I’m able to stand on both legs. After the infusion therapy, I was able to resume the activity that I truly enjoy, playing the guitar and exploring the wonders of music.


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